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Young Entrepreneur of Kashmir

Starting a business is never easy, and especially so, in a region like Jammu and Kashmir, where budding entrepreneurs have to face difficulties such as dearth of resources, societal pressure and political unrest but when entire country was under lockdown due to Covid 19, Kashmir witnessed a rise in entrepreneurs. Many people turned their hobbies into buisness.

While dealing with conflicting social attitudes, political unrest, turmoil and lockdown, these young entrepreneurs have to face all those pressures faced by any other buisness person. Entrepreneurship is seen as channel for the talents of many highly educated young people to explore their potential and cash their buisness acumen. Lack of jobs and the rise in unemployment is also seen as the main reason for growing entrepreneurship in the valley.

However, some young Kashmiri's have overcome these challanges and established themselves as Successful Entrepreneurs like Mr Murtaza Ali Bhat, born in Budgam, this young Kashmiri boy aged Nineteen (19) Is one of youngest entrepreneurs of valley. Murtaza's innovative excursion began when he was only 16 years of age with the structure of an online network with only 20$. Murtaza has now effectively ascended the stepping stool to get one of the most successful online Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Company. Murtaza had to face several challanges amid political unrest and lockdown albeit he overcame those challanges and is known as one of the youngest entrepreneur of Kashmir who wants to bring about a change in the people's mindset and encourage youngesters to be self-starters. His online Website provides complete Social Media Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization Services and Digital Marketing Cources.

This young entrepreneur of Kashmir has persued his dream with great determination and wrote a success story that will continue to inspire Kashmiri youth. Murtaza believes there should be desire and determination to do something in life. Youth are the pillars of society. There's no such thing we cannot do. Some youth are still there in our society who need encouragement and guidance to realise their dreams.

He said "It's never too late to start".

Writter Mehdi Hassan


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