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Who is Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan is aged 24 and is one of the most known chefs in India and his qualification as of now is TYB.S.C (h.s) management from GR Patil college. he was born in Mumbai on 4/12/1998. He is a professional chef by work and had cooked for a lot of high profiles and hotels. He is highly qualified in his skills and the way he does cook for the people. He is getting fame from the public and those who had tasted the food of his hand, they do come twice to his place to take one more meal for sure with finger sips. The nature in which he cooks is balanced and well sorted in its own kinds with the spice and sweet both being smelled and tasted parallel of each other with and from king-sized burger to a sweet delicate dessert at the end.

Name:Fardeen Khan Age: 24 Qualifications: (h.s) Management

College: GR Patil College

Location: Mumbai

Date of birth: 4/12/1998

Birth Place: Mumbai


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