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Who do you think you are?: Furious student criticizes Ministry of Education after NEET-PG entrance exam delay

On Saturday, the Union Health Ministry made a last-minute decision to postpone the NEET-PG 2024 examination originally scheduled for June 23, citing it as a ‘precautionary measure.’ This sudden announcement, released just 15 minutes before the exam was to commence at 9.30 am, sparked widespread uproar among aspiring doctors across the country.

In a widely circulated video on social media, a visibly upset student expressed her dismay over the abrupt postponement. "I just found out that the NEET-PG examination that was supposed to be conducted tomorrow at 9.30 am just got postponed," she exclaimed passionately. She questioned the competence of the Ministry of Education, questioning their authority to disrupt the lives and plans of aspiring doctors with such short notice.

"What point are you trying to prove here?" she passionately asked. "These are doctors, not children. They are attempting an exam to serve this very country that your policies are disrupting. And then you have the audacity to question why everyone is leaving the country!"

The video, shared widely by Siddharth, captured the frustration of many on social media, accumulating over 369,000 views. Comments poured in supporting the student's sentiments, with one user emphasizing, "She articulated it perfectly. The frustration is mounting, and it's time for the government to wake up to the reality of our broken system." Another lamented the situation, stating, "Well said, my dear daughter! These are unfortunate times we are living in."

The incident underscores growing discontent among students and professionals alike regarding the management of crucial examinations that impact careers and healthcare delivery in the nation.


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