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The youngest upcoming Millionaire Company Get My India High Tech Pvt Ltd of CEO Mr Aryan Thakur

His new and big beginning ever of Get My India High Tech Pvt Ltd with the first year turnover of worth 1Million $, with all his foreign tech transaction touching 50% of the share in profit. The main motive of the company is to bring virtual environment with ground rates for the public. His company had been the biggest motivation in the eyes of new comers with a worthy fanbase of millions of young minds.

The youngest & experienced entrepreneur of India, Mr Aryan Thakur had achieved the length of skyline success once again. The big mighty of the digital multiverse had praised Mr Aryan Thakur for his dynamic shift in the entanglement of social media specialist techniques to be synchronised in a channelized environment. He is being in the field from the time being unknown to the dates of the newspaper, which spotlights the ultra level experience. He made a revolutionary change in the digital market, which gives him a nationwide notability.

Aryan Thakur’s business countryside had travelled the edge of 25+ Countries, reaching the highest revenue in Cape Town, California & New York City.

In an interview with our executive officer, Mr Aryan Thakur responded about his vision of how the network system in media is reciprocating the silence of a private firm’s objectives.

His strong business analytical approach had made him today to standalone in a one-man army suit in front of his more than 50,000 Competitors, where he ensures to be in the top 10 best entrepreneurs of this century in digital marketing.

Hot News: Mr Aryan Thakur is awarded as the #1 best debator on socio-political motions raised in the central house of parliamentary formats.

Latest Update: He is awarded as the #1 Innovative entrepreneure by the SJ COMMUNITY, Headquarters in Delhi.


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