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The most intoxicated complexed readability goes to this short poetry by Mr Garv Dabas

The Cherry

“Sensing cherry on the south season,

stranger to see the next version of reason”

Fallen thoughts guilty to reject the scope sky,

delicate to be, but please don't dry.

Ease to cry on the east must wait for tears to tease. Mocktail dip pleased, so I saw the mocking mask on the arc of heart, hence revealed. Seeing the lamination over the soul, I feel to be too old for the scratches to be shown, as if cracked palm line had told, the pain they had ain't absorbed like no purpose of the sword on the neck if had sketched from spine to the ribs ace by the next emperor of the throne who is half wrecked lifeless, son of the Mistress; cherry had dressed in the sense of the next reason to assassinate the south season.

Garv Dabas



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