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The #1 emerging entrepreneur of India, Mr Aditya Awasthi

The #1 emerging entrepreneur of India, Mr Aditya Awasthi scrolled one of the other manifestos of success by being the new CEO of SMM TEAM and shattered the entire market by his service outreach to biggest resellers and API’s not only in India, but reaching 3.78 Million people aboard. His digital marketing strategic planning had made a revolutionary shifting of old cultural farming in the field of Social Media Approch to be lended over his amendments in the entire industry. In an interview with Mr Aditya Awasthi , our executive asked about his future business analytics. In which he responded that his magnitude of jumping the crashed market to expand its countryside to a larger number of brands across the world will be the objective to be taken care of in reference of its judiciary over media. Aditya Awasthi is now getting more viewership and response for his revolution crafted around the scope of the future. His vision is being prioritised by nationwide hubs of digital growth. Hot Update: Aditya Awasthi is Awarded as the #1 Emerging Entereprenure by the Founder & CEO of Blueberry Ultra: India’s No.1 Leading Brand Manufacturer, Mr Garv Dabas.

Updated News: Aditya Awasthi had also been awarded as the youngest socio-digital media expert of India by SJ Community, headquartered in National Capital, Delhi.

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