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Th Most Famous TV Actor Worship Khanna is Tested Positive, India is Praying for Fast Recovery

positive for COVID-19. The actor, who has been busy with his web show, is glad that he wasn't shooting around the time when he tested positive.

Talking about it, he says, "Luckily I wasn't shooting around that time. I was at home when I got fever and just to be on the safer side, I thought of getting myself tested. We have been hearing of a surge in cases, so I decided to go in for a test. When I tested positive, I was quite shocked because I had been taking utmost care." He further adds, "The way I got through the first and second wave, I thought that I would get through this one too, but I didn't."

For Worship, fitness is an integral part of life. He says, "I take good care of my body and health. I also eat right. But I guess in the case of

, there's not much one can do and you end up contracting it. Having said that, people of course should continue to take precautions."

The actor is missing his family, especially his mother who lives in Moradabad in these tough times. He says "Even when I used to get flu, I would go home to my mother and she would take care of me. But this time, I can't do it as I have to quarantine myself. As I live alone in Mumbai, it's good that my family won't be affected because of me. I have a full-time maid who I have sent to my friend's flat just below mine. She sends me food from there, so I don't have to cook."

Apart from that, his friends in his building have also been sending him food. "They are sending me soup, kadha, custard and other things everyday. I feel that they are spoiling me and it feels good that someone's taking care of me all day. Away from home, I have a family here in Mumbai and they are taking care of me. These friends are like my family here," he says.


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