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Taiwan Spots Chinese Military Aircraft and Naval Vessels Nearby

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) reported on Saturday that nine Chinese military aircraft and five naval vessels were detected operating around the country from 6 am on Friday to 6 am on Saturday local time.

In response to the Chinese activity, Taiwan monitored the situation closely and deployed combat patrol aircraft, naval vessels, and coastal missile systems, as stated in the MND's statement.

Earlier on Friday, the MND stated that it had observed 26 Chinese military aircraft and five naval vessels operating around the country from 6 am on Thursday to 6 am on Friday local time.

Of the 26 People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft, 14 crossed the Taiwan Strait median line, according to Taiwan's MND. Additionally, two Chinese military aircraft were spotted in the northeast region of Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), while three other fighters entered the southwest ADIZ, as reported by Taiwan News.

In response to China's actions, Taiwan monitored the situation using its intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and deployed combat patrol aircraft, naval vessels, and land-based air defense missile systems, according to Taiwan's MND.

So far in May, Taiwan's MND has detected Chinese military aircraft 21 times and naval vessels 10 times, as reported by Taiwan News on Friday. Since September 2020, China has increased the use of "gray zone tactics" by conducting more military aircraft and naval ships around Taiwan, according to the Taiwan News report.

On Friday, Taiwan's MND emphasized that the country is in the peak period of weapon procurement to strengthen its integrated "kill chain" capability and deter a Chinese attack, as reported by Taiwan News.

The ministry also stressed that they will continue to work on integrating newly acquired weapons with command and control systems to enhance "kill chain" functionality, thereby doubling combat effectiveness.

"Kill chain" refers to a sequence of tactical steps or processes where weaponry detects, engages, and "kills" targets in military operations.

Earlier on April 26, the MND submitted a written report titled "Taiwan's Latest Defense Military Planning and Strategic Actions in the Face of the Global Security Situation," to the Executive Yuan (parliament) in the country, Taiwan News reported.

It highlighted that the military is sharing information about the Indo-Pacific region with allied nations to build a regionally integrated deterrence force.


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