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Prince Darky - A New Rising Star

Prince Darky - A New Rising Star.

@princedarky_ - Instagram

Stature 6'0

Area - Pune, India

Guardians Mom-Sunita, Dad-Bhagwan

Occupation-Student and Artist

Design, wellness, singing, composing

What else would a 18 year old be able to right?

princedarky_ has been a great motivation for us.

An individual that has made 2 tunes and aided a large number of individuals to find themselves mixed up with exercise center at the time of only 18, as his introduction to the world date is expressed to be 9 Jan 2004. His music recordings like "Burn me down" and "Hold Me Tight" has such an excess of meaning in it that each individual that has experienced some awful things can connect with his tunes, additionally the music recordings are fabulously top notch despite the fact that he made them without help from anyone else with next to no authority creation organization, as expressed on his Instagram - @princedarky_ he is going to deliver 3 tunes with various kind soon. Parcel of individuals are energized for it however regardless of whether we keep music to the side , he is an Amazing Fitness model , as he mentioned he likewise give individual preparing in his disconnected life and is at present remaining in Pune, India with his folks and performs astonishing shows at Pune and Mumbai. Being such a motivation as 18 is something major and his fans are certain that he will explode on the web and the world soon.

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