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Prince Darky - A New Rising Star

A person that has made beautiful songs and helped thousands of people to get themselves into gym at the age of just 17, as his birth date is stated to be 9 Jan 2004. His music videos like "Burn me down" and "Hold Me Tight" has so much meaning in it that every person that has been through some bad things can relate to his songs, also the music videos are fantastically high quality even though he made them by himself without any official production company, as stated on his Instagram - @princedarky_ he is about to release 3 songs with different genre soon. Lot of people are excited for it but even if we keep music aside , he is an Amazing fitness model , as he mentioned he also give personal training in his offline life and is currently staying in Pune, India with his parents and performs amazing concerts at Pune and Mumbai. Being such an inspiration as 17 is a big thing and his fans are sure that he is going to blow up on the internet and the world soon.


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