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Pradeep Kumar Taneja

Pradeep Kumar Taneja is one of the well known Entrepreneur, Educator for the youth, content creator and a happy life coach; specialist in mental and Physical transformation. His dedication in the field of training the youth had brought up a drastic change in the society in past few years, his targeted audience are well influenced by his tactics and transformative self grooming studies. Pradeep Kumar Taneja’s Fundaments are hyping the media industry as few of his content goes viral on social media instantly. Currently Pradeep is in Mumbai, focusing over his training sessions.

He had made his own brand-self as “Happy Life coach“, which spotlights his essence of being in philosophical discussions over Youtube

[archive] and Instagram [archive]. He talks about all aspects of life from depression, anxiety, self-grooming and fitness to spirituality, motivation and success approaches.


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