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Police Conclude Rohith Vemula Not Dalit, Clear All Accused

HYDERABAD: After eight years of turmoil and political debate surrounding his suicide, the Telangana Police have concluded their investigation into the case of Rohith Vemula. The report states that Vemula was not from the Scheduled Castes and that his certificate was forged. It also suggests that he took his own life out of fear of being exposed.

Following concerns raised by Vemula's family, the Telangana Chief General of Police announced further investigation into the case. The accused individuals, including then University of Hyderabad vice-chancellor Appa Rao and BJP leaders Bandaru Dattatreya and N Ramchender Rao, have been cleared of all charges.

The conclusion report, filed on March 21 but made public just days before Telangana's Lok Sabha elections, has sparked protests and accusations from Vemula's family. They allege that the police focused more on Vemula's caste status than on the mistreatment he allegedly faced.

In response to the criticism, the Telangana Chief General of Police stated that further investigation into the case will be conducted, considering the doubts expressed by Vemula's mother and others.

The report suggests that Vemula's suicide was influenced by various personal issues, and it found no evidence to support the claims that the accused individuals drove him to take his own life.

In an interview, one of the accused, Mr. Rao, stated that the conclusion report reaffirms their belief that the charges against them were politically motivated.


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