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PM Modi Speaks to the People of Mahabubnagar, Telangana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a vibrant gathering in Mahabubnagar, Telangana, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming elections for the nation's future. Speaking passionately, PM Modi highlighted the stark contrast between the false promises made by Congress and the tangible assurances offered by the BJP-led government.

"People of Telangana understand that this election is about the future of our nation," said PM Modi. "Congress and its allies have deceived people with false promises for years. But now, the nation is witnessing the determination of Modi's leadership."

PM Modi presented his commitment as a pledge for progress, national security, and India's prominence globally. He reiterated his promise to provide three crore new homes for the poor in the next five years, free healthcare for every senior citizen above 70 years of age, and fulfilling every commitment made to the people.

Encouraging the people of Telangana to vote for the BJP to bring about change in the state, PM Modi stressed the need for greater representation from the BJP to combat corruption and ensure development.

Addressing the mismanagement of resources in the region, PM Modi remarked, "Leaders of Congress have consistently exploited this region and its people for their selfish motives. Even the new Chief Minister is elected from the same area. But they are busy pleasing the leadership in Delhi and extracting revenge."

Highlighting the challenges faced by farmers, PM Modi stated, "Farmers here are forced to migrate for work, and the state government is not allowing irrigation projects to move forward. Congress made false promises of loan waivers to farmers. If Congress has given anything, it is betrayal and deceit!"

PM Modi also criticized Congress and its allies' divisive remarks, stating, "They have made derogatory comments about the people of South India, considering them Africans. They dislike the color of your skin. Who is African, and who is Indian? Congress will decide based on our diversity."

Condemning Congress' divisive policies, PM Modi said, "Congress is engaged in dividing the country based on religion and caste. Congress' real agenda is to appease certain communities for political gains, neglecting the welfare of the nation."

Addressing the reservation rights of SC, ST, and BC communities, PM Modi said, "Congress is trying to provide reservation based on religion to Muslims instead of SC, ST, BC. Will you let Congress snatch reservations from SC, ST, and BC? That's why you need to remember, 'The Right of the Deprived, Modi is their Guardian.'"

PM Modi urged the people of Telangana to support BJP candidates in the upcoming elections, reject Congress' divisive politics, and reaffirmed his commitment to serving the nation with integrity and dedication.


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