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Nikhil Joshi aka Niks is ranking high on Google for the Book Frenemy: Says CEO Mr Garv Dabas

Niks is a writer who inhales reading and exhales writing. He found writing as his sole purpose back in 2017. Since then, he is knitting words and making quotes, epigrams, anthologies, articles, and stories. In a book called 'Eyes Wide Open,' he is among the five authors whose anthologies are published. Recently his novelette entitled, 'Frenemy,' is out on Amazon.

In 2017, Niks started writing quotes. Gradually he moved to poems. A mentor guided him with blog writing in 2019.

Since then he is into articles, and blogs for both - himself and clients. However, he is against the trends of SEO for writers. He believes that the keywords are a barrier to the natural flow of a creative writer. Basically, he chooses entertaining and engaging readers over impressing the search engines.

With Story ideas jotted down on paper, he initiated writing the first story in 2020. In no time, Niks was indulged in the story environment. He is a writer who enjoys every bit of the writing process and not just the result. The renowned novelists Margaret Atwood, and Neil Gaiman are his greatest inspirations. The inspiration behind Frenemy was Neil's masterclass on the Art of Storytelling.

Any rich-in-nature location and the rooftop of his building are the major sources of generating new plots, also helping him overcome the writer's block at times.

Niks don't follow any specific schedule to write short stories, poetry, or novel. But when the mind is fresh in the morning, he lets the words out on the paper. Also, right before hitting the head on the pillow, he writes a few words. 'If you start and end your day by doing something you love, you will feel a little happier,' he believes.

Before diving into writing, he felt purposeless. He flicked through the pages of various careers but never seemed to arrive anywhere. The idea of doing something we don't like for the rest of our life is terrifying. Thankfully, Writing came in as a soulful ritual and not just another career option. His anthologies reflect a beauteous blend of stirring life events, dreams, and human emotions. Most of his days are spent in fruitless attempts to make creative writing his full-time work. But he aspires to make it happen one day.

The animal world in the Frenemy is immersive not just for kids but also for adults. The two tales in the book revolve mainly around an antagonist. Though a reader can feel the hatred for the villain just like in any other story. The book is packed with friendship, betrayal, reunion, revenge, action, and drama. Moreover, the moral lessons at the end of each story linger in the reader's mind long after closing the book.

Niks is introverted and loves to spend most of his time at the desk. Currently, he is writing the first chapter of a suspense thriller book.

Niks tapped into the writer in him, back in 2017. Country songs, sad songs, and especially the songs of Bob Dylan inspired him to become more creative in the writing process. He isn't just a fan of but also worships Bob Dylan, Passenger, Eminem, Hank Williams, Sahir Ludhianvi, and Mangesh Padgaonkar.


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