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Mother Arrested in Pune Porsche Crash Case Resulting in 2 Deaths

PUNE: In a troubling turn of events in the Pune Porsche crash case, authorities have arrested the mother of the teenage driver involved in the tragic accident that claimed the lives of two individuals. Police revealed that the mother attempted to tamper with evidence by swapping her blood sample with her son's to allegedly prove his sobriety during the incident.

Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar shed light on the investigation, uncovering attempts to manipulate the aftermath of the accident. The teenager, accused of driving under the influence, was remanded to an observation home, while his father and grandfather face charges related to coercing the family driver into taking the blame.

The influential family's actions to conceal the crime included offering hush money to their driver and resorting to kidnapping when he refused. Moreover, discrepancies in the teen's medical examination raised further questions, prompting an inquiry by a committee appointed by Maharashtra Medical Education.

Prior to these developments, the teen's mother had vehemently denied allegations against her son in a video message, pleading with authorities to safeguard him, displaying visible distress.

The tragic incident claimed the lives of Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Kostha, young engineers from Madhya Pradesh, prompting public outcry over the perceived leniency in the legal response. Amid mounting criticism, the Juvenile Justice Board revised its initial decision, extending the teen's detention until June 5, while deliberating on the police request to try him as an adult.


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