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Earth Gets Laser Message From 140 Million Miles Away In Profound Space

Imagine Earth as a curious observer, eagerly awaiting news from the depths of space.

It's like receiving a mysterious message in a bottle, but instead of the ocean, it comes from 140 million miles away, sent by NASA's newest space explorer, "Psyche."

Back in October 2023, NASA embarked on a thrilling mission, launching a rocket toward a unique space rock called 'Psyche 16', nestled in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Named after its destination, "Psyche" wasn't just on a rock-collecting adventure; it was also testing cutting-edge laser communication technology.

Equipped with the Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) system, Psyche aimed to revolutionize how we communicate across vast cosmic distances. While it primarily used radio frequency communication, the optical communications tech showed its prowess by successfully sending engineering data back to Earth via laser beams.

Meera Srinivasan, the project lead at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, shared the exciting news that they received around 10 minutes of duplicated spacecraft data during a pass on April 8th. This data, transmitted via laser communications, surpassed expectations and proved that high-speed communication in space is not just a dream.

Despite being farther away now, Psyche continues its journey steadily, showing no signs of trouble. With each successful test, it brings us closer to unlocking the mysteries of space while pushing the boundaries of technology.


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