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Know how power of love can grow your business from: Mr Garv Dabas (Founder & CEO at Blueberry Ultra)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Revealed in an interview with Mr Garv Dabas, where he expresses how he had shown that a company like of whom it was known to no one had become the one that is now somehow known to millions in a graph.

we asked from where do you begin in all?

He replied, “stunningly gorgeous to answer with a smile never means light long life that is turned on for a while and flickers the pixel in the eyes, what I simply mean is life never asked you how to begin, what it asked you is from where the love begins, the power to bring the start-up in action rises. We generated revenue not from the business we do but from the love through with which we associate with our clients.

Never act like you are on a cooperate quantum bridge at a start once covering your plans to your clients, humans are social flies they act like professionals to those who act like professionals to them, so if you act like you are one next to their own known buddy who is discussing a golden opportunity with them, this will give 64% more chance that they will take your plans for sure in action, so here the lovely tones melt the dark chocolate and give the action to reshape it into as many dollars you want”

I was shocked by his concepts to connect in the marketplace, well I continued to ask that how love can double the dollars pool?

Well, his reply was like, “ See, love does consist power but not to double the pool but to bandage the wound of fraudulent acts in India, as trust is restored from love and from that the sales growth will be visible, and love do signify a motive. If your firm does have any sort of motive that include love or sympathy towards a section in a society you will definitely see growth towards that sector in a few months of implementing your plans to that arena”

At last he continued and i noted being speechless....

See, growth goes either in life or business what more important is how down to your eye catcher and close to your soul you are.

What love taught me is “befikari”, and others do go on calculating those profits and losses, sorry sid/sir/ma’am/dude, this is not the way to take all along from street to be an Indian tycoon.

They keep on calculating, we will do this stuff out here or that service in there, and will receive a culmination of profit to be this and these calculations keep them hooked or tangled around only profit. This gives low profit. That does give a huge profit. Sir, if Nike had thought that shoe selling will not make me profit will that be a brand what that is today.

So first do experiment and experience then calculate until it is not a risk of millions though.

(Disclaimer:- The content is taken solely from the chief executive officer and is subject to copyright )


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