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Know About The “Curious SR”

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

A YouTuber with some amazing content like unboxing, Cooking , Tech reviews etc. Curious SR is a YouTuber from India who his doing some amazing work on YouTube. His channel Curious SR has more than 1 Million views on YouTube and over 16k + subscribers. He also have other social media accounts like instagram where he has more than 100k + followers and he post his video related information on his Instagram account.

He makes his video in Hindi and his most famous video is a gameplay of GTA 5 where he reviewed HP Omen laptop by playing GTA 5 on it. He is a digital creator and make videos about Cooking, Tech, Unboxing like unboxing phones , laptops , tv etc. and he also make gaming videos on his channel.

You can check out his channel :

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