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Know About Keyur Khunti

Today I’m going to tell you about a public servant and a very kind person His name is Keyur Khunti. He is twenty-one years old and lives in India. He is extrovert and gregarious.

He is very approachable and friendly.

His hobbies include playing cricket, for which I have played in nationals, horse riding, and watching web series and movies. He has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Kanpur University and has also studied fashion at Pearl Academy in Bombay.

Also, previously, he had worked as a model for a private company in Bombay. At this stage, he is an influencer at the moment. Adding to that, He is also an entrepreneur and manages a private company, ‘Armour construction’ which is a road construction company.

Other than that, He is enjoy socializing with my friends, and am a very determined person.


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