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Kejriwal's Aide Bibhav Kumar Arrested in Maliwal Assault Case

NEW DELHI: Arvind Kejriwal's aide, accused of assaulting Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal, has been taken into custody by Delhi Police regarding the assault allegation filed against him. Maliwal stated in her FIR that Bibhav Kumar, the Delhi Chief Minister's secretary, assaulted her during her visit to Kejriwal's residence on Monday.

Kumar was apprehended from the Chief Minister's residence by a Delhi Police team around noon, as confirmed by a senior police officer. He has been taken to the police station for questioning.

His lawyer mentioned that they haven't received any information from the police yet, despite sending an email offering full cooperation. "We've not received any information from the police yet. We've sent them an email that we will cooperate in the investigation," Bibhav Kumar's lawyer Karan Sharma told.

The incident has sparked a political uproar. The BJP has strongly criticized Kejriwal for his silence, with its spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia even going as far as labeling Kejriwal the "prime accused" due to his apparent inaction during the assault. The AAP has been accused of shielding Kejriwal's personal secretary despite ample evidence against him.

A video purportedly showing the altercation at the Chief Minister's residence is circulating on social media, depicting a confrontation between the staff at the CM's home and the AAP Rajya Sabha MP.

In her FIR, Maliwal accused Kumar of hitting her in the chest, stomach, and pelvic region with his legs. "I felt completely shocked and was screaming for help repeatedly. To defend myself, I pushed him away with my legs. At that time, he pounced on me, violently pulled and deliberately pulled my shirt up," the FIR reads. "Bibhav Kumar didn't relent and attacked me by kicking me in my chest, stomach, and pelvic area with his legs."

As part of their investigation, Delhi Police is expected to review CCTV footage at the Chief Minister's residence. On Friday, the crime scene was also reconstructed at Kejriwal's residence after the former DCW chief filed the FIR.


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