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Intel Unveils Lunar Lake, Gaudi AI, and Xeon 6 CPUs

At AMD's annual Computex event, Intel made waves with its latest unveilings, joining the ranks of Nvidia, Asus, and other tech leaders. The focus? AI. Intel introduced its newest Xeon 6 processors, aimed at powering servers with AI capabilities. These chips, launched just months after the 5th gen Xeon, come in E-core and P-core variants, emphasizing efficiency and performance respectively. They're tailored for data centers and devices, catering to AI-driven tasks.

But that's not all. Intel also shed light on its Lunar Lake Architecture, set to turbocharge AI PCs. The promise? Stellar performance boosts across the board - think faster CPUs, beefier graphics, and improved battery life. With a fourth-gen Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and a cutting-edge GPU dubbed "Battlemage," Lunar Lake aims to revolutionize gaming and content creation.

And let's not forget Intel's Gaudi AI accelerators. Positioned as alternatives to Nvidia's H100 chips, these accelerators promise significant performance gains for training and inference tasks. The Intel Gaudi 3, boasting a whopping 8,192 accelerators, claims to slash time-to-train AI models by 40%. Prices? The standard kit with eight Gaudi 2 accelerators comes in at $65,000, while the Gaudi 3 kit, packing even more power, will set you back $125,000. With these offerings, Intel's doubling down on its commitment to AI innovation.


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