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Infinity does not have a fixation It is what we believe it to be our limitation. The reason we all want often want to start a new life in ... The Tail never entailed See sea tea we

Infinity does not have a fixation

It is what we believe it to be our limitation.

The reason we all want often want to start a new life in a new place is because we want to reprogram our mind, therefore, reprogram our life. Starting a new life in a new place can reprogram your mind because it forms new behavioural patterns, habits, preferences as our mind becomes conscious of everything around us and results in awakening our conscious mind 24/7. When this happens you start looking at things differently and therefore make a new approach to all the aspects of your life.

This is exactly what happens when you fall in love, you become conscious the entire day and the very ordinary things of everyday life seem to be different, rather more lovely than ever. Your mind negates the negativity in everything as it discovers the unexplored territories of the human mind experiencing the feelings and emotions you never did in your life. You familiarise with the most beautiful feelings and emotions for the very first time in your life. But this changed temperament of yours is an outcome of an external influence/stimuli so as long as you have access to it you feel great but when you eventually lose it you're grounded again.

Your view of the entirety of life undergoes an alteration thus changing your mood patterns and approach towards everything around you. But what if this changed temperament of yours is not governed by an external influence/stimuli rather something of an origin which can only be traced inside you. We'll be returning to this matter of concern soon enough as we progress taking into consideration the question whether it is possible or not. This would rather be considered a parody of Elon Musk's statement" The first step is establishing that it is possible then probability will occur".

If Music sounds sweeter than ever, the gardens just as well feel as if nobody ever walked in there and it was ever made for you to find yourself in a zone you never were or ever thought you would be. So almost 90℅ of our day is governed by how our brains are hardwired.

This, therefore, resolves the doubt of how overcoming fears is possible. When you unlock your conscious mind your brain breaks the patterns of your behaviour and the response loops.( there are ways to do the same and the most remarkable one is the 5-second rule). You are now in a state where you can change your behavioural patterns, make a different or rather a new approach in your life. Thus by doing this you are decluttering your hardwired mind into a new design. The reason people think it's not possible or these are just speeches delivered on a stage in the disguise of a publicity stunt is such a tragedy not for the others but rather for themselves (who think so) and they are such a pity having galloped alongside all the solutions to their problems, in their lives, they never find themselves where they wished to be. And last but not the least blame it all on fate. It is far more important than you can even think of how every single decision of your life, every single word, can bring about numerous variations in the eventual circumstances, the consequences of which have to be faced by none other than you.

But there is a twist of tale awaiting you and your curiosity. All we want when we are miserable is change, nature is a change or better to say change is nature but for the one thing that we want the most, we are reluctant to act at the same time. We are embraced by trepidation and fear that any kind of change might be unwelcoming for us. This explains why we find it so difficult to do the little things in life that would help in building a better tomorrow for ourselves. The existing habit loops of yours disallow you to break free from the monotonic disposition of your life. Its justification can be understood by looking at the fact that our mind treats change like pain the reason why it becomes so difficult for us to form new and productive habits. This can be best explained by the spotlight effect according to which your mind magnifies risk thereby pulling you away from doing things that are difficult, dangerous from the perspective of treating change like pain, new and especially not letting you enter into situations governed by uncertainty and discomfort accompanied by trepidation of course.

Isn't this the biggest paradox you've known all your life but never realised it just as well? That's what makes us human and distinct from other creatures who justly serve the sole purpose of survival. Having read so far you are now in a position to realise that people often fancy that only a particular situation or a person can make them feel the way which they consider as being the best feeling they ever felt. We do not fall for things or persons but for the feelings, they arouse in us. So fancying that no other circumstance or a person can make us feel the way we did ever again in our lives, is nothing more than hitting one's own 'Achilles' heel' straightaway thereby weakening the soul within.

It wouldn't be wrong to consider it as one of the most naive assumptions one can ever make. It would neither be irrelevant as well to refer to Nietzsche's statement which reads " one loves ultimately one's desires and not the thing desired". So since we value the things we want so badly, how do we fail to value ourselves. The answer is simple and can be best explained by Paolo Coelho's masterpiece"The Alchemist" which reflects on the view that we wander around the entire world to find something already present within us(on our doorstep).

We live life like consumers and take in whatever information is provided to our brain, rather when you are discouraged the information gets registered with greater vigour and you are now in a stressful condition which disables you to think clearly and you start believing in whatever you hear from what the sceptics have in store for you and take in the criticisms to attribute yourself of not having the ability to ace any given task. You never ace in the first place

If you think you are not good enough you are lying to yourself and lying to oneself can be the biggest sin one can commit in one's entire life. So to be a winner you have to stop being a sinner.

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