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Indian-American Physician Elected Official envoy To Republican Convention

Renowned Indian-American physician Dr. Sampat Shivangi has been elected as an official delegate to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee later this month. This convention will formally nominate former US President Donald Trump as the Republican Party's candidate for the upcoming presidential election on November 5.

Dr. Shivangi, a highly respected figure within the Indian-American community, has been elected as a National Delegate for an impressive sixth consecutive time. Expressing his gratitude, he described it as a tremendous honor to be chosen once again to represent his party at this significant event, which will gather Republican delegates from across the nation.

"This will be my sixth time serving as a National Delegate at the Republican National Convention to nominate the Republican Party nominee to contest the national presidential election," Dr. Shivangi proudly stated. He recounted his previous nominations dating back to President George W. Bush's era, through to Donald Trump's nominations in 2016 and 2020, and now in 2024.

Dr. Shivangi, who is deeply involved in Republican politics as a lifelong member and a founding member of key organizations like the Republican Indian Council and the Republican Indian National Council, highlighted the uniqueness of his position as an Indian American representing his community at such a prominent national level.

His influence extends beyond politics; Dr. Shivangi is also the national president of the Indian American Forum for Political Education, where he continues to advocate for various legislative initiatives benefiting both India and the Indian-American community. His longstanding connections with US Senators and Congressmen have been instrumental in advancing several bills in the US Congress over the past three decades.

Looking ahead to the convention, Dr. Shivangi eagerly anticipates participating in the luncheon hosted by Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi, an event scheduled to honor delegates at the Northern Lights in Milwaukee on July 16. This gathering underscores the significance of his role and the recognition of his contributions within the Republican Party.

Dr. Sampat Shivangi's journey to the Republican National Convention underscores his dedication to civic engagement and advocacy, marking a testament to his enduring commitment to both his community and the political process in the United States.


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