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"For Sale, Read Mind Of Whales In Your Leads"-Mr Garv Dabas (Chief Executive Officer)

Reading minds is being one of the most fashionable jobs of a common salesman or a CEO @Jaguar. You should give one thought to how mind reading can boost sales drastically?

first, get whales out from the sea market. You got what I meant by. Check the "If or else" command on your leads, to configure that are they the ones who sleep hiding a few cents under their pillow or are they the ones whose money sinks down from their pockets every millisecond in more ratio to millilitres, through a general clause, “well, what to say we have the most luxurious stuff/services". Check-in response, if a low excitement is shown from the front that means he is either the whale we are in search of or not eligible to be. But if over or mild excitement is shown, don't go on hurrying with him and you being the one who is trying to repair a flop showdown circus from a one wheeler cycle driven by a baby elephant. Here mind and neural act analysis tell us that reason behind his excitement could be the never experienced taste of dark fantasy from London told all at an instant. Root fundaments tell us that the no taste of that luxurious sweet is indicating the low wealth more than the interest shown for a short swift of notability given at a sudden, whereas the taste of that spice being taken, shows his less excitement. Which decodes to us that his wealth is more as that sumptuousness is already experienced and hence the sale fisherman got his wealthy whale.

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Reviewed by: Chief Executive Officer @BlueberryUltra: Mr Garv Dabas


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