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Lady Passes on, One more Harmed in Destroying Inn Fire in Noida

Noida, May 18, 2024: A sad occurrence unfurled in Noida's Area 104 on Saturday night when a monstrous fire broke out at a neighborhood inn, prompting the passing of a 27-year-elderly person and leaving a man basically harmed.

The Episode

At roughly 5:35 PM, the fire control room got a pain call detailing a fire at a lodging in the Hazipur region, under the purview of Area 39 police headquarters. Boss Fire Official (CFO) Pradeep Chaubey affirmed the reaction, expressing, "After getting the data, ten fire tenders were dispatched to the scene, and the fire was managed."

Setbacks and Salvage Endeavors

The fire, which started on the fourth floor, brought about weighty smoke ascending to the upper floors, catching the inhabitants. Palak, an occupant of Area 46 in Noida, and Tarun Kumar, 26, from Mayur Vihar Stage 1 in Delhi, were situated on the 6th floor. The two casualties fell oblivious because of smoke inward breath before they could get away. Firemen figured out how to protect them and rush them to a close by clinic. Sadly, Palak surrendered to her wounds during treatment, while Tarun stays in basic condition.

Examination and Fundamental Discoveries

Fundamental examinations propose that a short out may have set off the fire. "Endeavors are in progress to decide the specific reason for the episode," the police expressed. At this point, no case has been enrolled, and examinations proceed.

Local area Effect

This disastrous occasion has ruined the nearby local area. Specialists are underlining the significance of fire security estimates in business foundations and are probably going to expand examinations and requirement following this occurrence.


The death toll and the serious injury highlight the basic requirement for tough fire security conventions and fast crisis reaction abilities. As the examination advances, it is trusted that actions will be set up to forestall such misfortunes later on.


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