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DJ Manzee aka Manish all set to create history in the Music World

*DJ Manzee aka Manish is all set to create history in the Music World*

We are honoured to feature DJ Manzee aka Manish Rai, charming music magician, a self made success icon, people's favorite DJ on the top list of Party freak's of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Manzee started his journey in 2012 at the age of 16. Dance and music was all his passion. Once an instance happened that changed his life, a local setup of an event was done across his complex and a DJ (name not revealed) was performing, seeing the same, excitedly he went there to know how the setup works. Soon after watching that DJ performance, Manzee asked him for 10 min trial on that player. He was harshly rejected for the same by the same DJ.

But this instance didn't stop Manzee following his passion instead his determination grew stronger and he started watching youtube and other local DJs performing.

Interestingly, he didn't opt for any professional course but self learned everything online from youtube and other softwares. Moreover, he gained practical knowledge by watching other local DJs performing.

Post working for 3.5 years for local events. His work and efforts got recognition while performing for highlighted pool parties of Mumbai and then the rest is History.

No one else can better shape and mix the already well noted songs to even a better finer tune. Manzee is now the king of reproducing the amazing songs with different styles. He loves to experiment and his experiments does wonders.

He has also performed for extravagant events including Star Parivaar Awards, Splash brand (Dubai's finest fashion brand) and many more. Manzee has also performed with prominent singers including Badshah, Milind Gaba, Zack Knight, Divine.

Manzee has invested his heart and soul which resulted him in immense love from the club's, management and people he perform for.

Manzee is available for Club Gigs, Shows, Club Concerts, Fashion Events, Music Festival, Wedding and Corporate Events.

Manzee's core genre is Bollywood. Additionally he plays EDM, Techno, Commercial. The music he plays becomes the trend. He let his Music speak.

Follow him on Instagram @djmanzee to stay updated with his magical charm.


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