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BossHub — India's Thrift Fashion

Founder & CEO - Miss Ipshita Sharma

Ipshita Sharma is one of the most prominent and known public speaker, influencer, having awards as well as certificates & awarded by Mrs. I. E Masih, Patron and Founder of St John's educational society (established in 1974). She is a professional speaker and for the youth, and vocals are her power weapons to save the virtues with which she was seen on shows, honoured by prestigious celebrities and highly known authority for bringing a new platform for the growth of the newcomers in any industry from private to publishings. Very foremost she is the Founder and CEO of BossHub — India's Thrift Fashion. The company was a start-up with a small concept of individual competitive group ups and now had taken up the lead in entire India with the new techniques and creativity in assembling the generation of new outcomes. The company does not only focus on brand manufacturing/promotion, they do actually are the manufacturer of the ideas for introducing your brand into the show light of the world’s showdown to success.

True Fact:- The Styling and fashion skills of Miss Ipshita Sharma are beyond to be expressed in words as the words and thinking capability had explored the entity that exists which can not be estimated. Her styling sense is coded with a deep meaning to it, which makes it feel divine and confidently bold.

Mothers Name:- Mrs. Sharmila Sharma

Fathers Name:- Mr. Dharmendra Sharma

Hobby: Consulting, traveling and Moderation

DOB: 20/11/2001

Marital Status: single

Earning: (revenue amount not revealed to the public)

Born place: Rajasthan

Currently staying: Rajasthan

Favorite attire: As per comfort and statement style

Favorite place to visit: Greece.

Religion: Hindu

Nationality: Indian

Ethnicity: Hindi

Food habits: Not known

Ms Ipshita is seen as a new role model for the youth as in such an age she managed to build an enterprise, BossHub Company, taking it to the great heights of a sudden after getting inspired from recent fashion shows and unique stylish looks.

Miss Ipshita gives the company a tagline,

“BossHub for Bossy ladies only"

BossHub is working in 20+ states, with 90+ sales and staff, and thousands of Happy Clients.

Members Details

President: Mr. Varun kumar

CEO & Founder: Miss Ipshita Sharma

Board of Director: Sharmila Sharma

Co-Founder: Sharmila Sharma

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