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Revolution in The marketing world: Blueberry Ultra SRSD( Street Reaction Showdown in Downtown)

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Mr Garv Dabas: Chief Executive Officer of Blueberry Ultra

(CEO) This is entirely the new concept and a revolution in the marketing industry with which your sale will be boosted 200% more than the social share methods. We had a huge team behind who made it so far with blending traditional sale modus operandi (technique) and the recent year social share over media platforms. Your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowingness/Digital Property will be shaped as a Brand. First through digital Marketing & PR, once you reached visible eligibility in no more than an operational week, we will shift and bring a revolution or shall we say we will bridge up a portal of media to traditional street selling that too with modern light, camera, action & shoot. Once your brand is established over media with 1 million views guaranteed, our highly qualified experts will be trained about your Your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowingness/digital property and then they will be deployed out on metropolitan targeted market streets with highly professional cameras, mics, Lights & giving a complete news anchor environment. This news environment will definitely influence live people, not virtual profiles to buy for which experts are trained for, this will be recorded as a Street reaction Showdown in Downtown News Video and will be launched to let our audience know how people reacted to this particular Brand. Blueberry Ultra SRSD Video will be launched over BU News Platforms & Google News. You will be reaching out to Millions of audiences with a two-way method.

Why we pick up this idea? Through a study, we found that online selling is moving into its own dwarfness until a secure anti fraudulent modus platform is found to be in existence in meta. Trust issues hampered the real quality that is rare, untold, and still left less known. This ideal complex marketing infrastructure eliminates the trust hampering over online purchasing strength. Sales will be boosted in both ways, dual profits will be accumulated. In social media, if you reach 100 virtual profiles you might get 2 leads and zero sales But if in the news method, where the digital market will be taken down to traditional streets in search of which with 100 roaming heads we can easily get 15-25 Leads and 5-10sales at an average. It might differ depending upon the quality, quantity & price. Idea Manufactured by: GARV DABAS (FOUNDER & CEO OF BLUEBERRY ULTRA: INDIA’S NO.1 LEADING BRAND MANUFACTURER)

What is it in brief? >Traditional Market Targeting comeback >Guaranteed Sale and not unpredictable like in social media promotional advertisement. > Known Celebrity will be holding your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowing info/digital Property + a photoshoot + giving a review in a video and this video will be further shown to the public on the streets along with a big screen. >Celebrity video will be on local market screens, this will boost the sale + on our website + IG Community Handle >Our officials will be reaching out to the markets & shooting videos with professional cameras while selling your Brand Item. >Launching News “Blueberry Ultra- SRSD” on Instagram, BU News Platforms, Google News & YouTube. > PR & Marketing included > Our officials will be trained about your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowingness/Digital Property advertising techniques. >More than 120 people in a day we will be reaching, physically. > More than 1Million people we will be reaching online. >More than 7 Million on Website impressions. Add on: >*VIP & ULTRA Celebrity with your script, book, Direction, wardrobe, Background. > *VIP & ULTRA Celebrity DM & Comment. > *Branding Note (VIP & ULTRA)

Note:- Sale of Product/Service/Book is Guaranteed. Higher the investment, Higher will be the reach and so far the sale thereafter)

Your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowingness/Digital Property will first go through our review team who will verify the legal identity of the seller. Your product/services/books/ideas/self-knowingness/Digital Property should follow all legal protocols and should not violate any government law, incase any suspiciousness is detected your review & verification request will be sent on detention inquiry by the legal lawsuit.

Add on: unique ever power packs! Banner & Stall with your branding - ₹18,000 Seminar in an auditorium about your book - ₹2,80,000 Special Guest in Seminar - ₹51,000

*In total price depends on what you had opted for and what is not, Yes for your convenience you can select what is your need and eliminate other options.

Range:- INR8000-INR8,00,000

Average service charges for reference of Brand Iteam over INR1000 at retail: INR40,000- INR80,000 (Recommended for profitable results) PLEASE FILL THE GOOGLE FORM TO KNOW YOUR REQUIREMENT AND ITS EXACT PRICES. THE TEAM WILL REVIEW YOUR REQUEST AND WILL REVERT BACK IN 24 OPERATIONAL HOURS. *Fill the form only if you are 100% Interested


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