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Blueberry Ultra is the best Publisher to Publish your Book at Low Cost

Blueberry Ultra: India’s No.1 Brand Manufacturer is the best publisher to publish your book at low cost, working with 1000+ Authors and is also publishing Books and WIDC Magazines for increasing the brand awareness of authors and the community. They don't only provide with publishing but also helping your book to reach millions of organic people in both online and offline distribution at the lowest cost ever with the most futuristic approach.


Blueberry Ultra is the Authority under complete tie-ups with PR & Marketing Strategic protocols that are followed with respect to a service agreement to create a trusted environment for both the client and the firm.

The Organisation is #1 Trend in Brand 2021 for the new WIDC Magazine Look.

Blueberry Ultra helps you engage with other authors and Brands for being in a community filled with highly known personalities in India.

Blueberry Ultra is not focused only to publish the book as it is used to happen for the last 50 years; they have rejected the old idea that is being followed by the rest of the publishers in the world.

They made a plan to merge traditional books and e-book to create a hybrid book first time ever in India.

They believe and are known more for Brand Promotion and Brand Overdrive.

“Until and unless there is no promotional brand overdrive for a particular subject, the world will not index you in their eyes of famous wall” says Mr Garv Dabas ( Chief Executive Officer )

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