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Blueberry Ultra is the #1 trend in brand 2021 after years-long teamwork, unique plans and 2,200+ happy clients. Blueberry Ultra is in tie-up with 8000 + celebrities in the film industry. The company is entitled with India's No.1 Leading Brand Manufacturer on Google News with having all rights of being a genuine news source publisher over 100+ legal & famous news serving platforms. Garv Dabas announced in a press conference with BU Media about the great achievement marked by the company this year and said "hoping for doubling the growth in next year, with more efforts and smart project implementation techniques".


The company gives a platform for manufacturing small startups into the big brands with different projects in both ways, online media & PR and offline distribution for getting brand recognition and set of the volume for sale in respective sector. Listing from Hindustan times to Google news and Celebrity photoshoot of your digital or physical subject of viewership to getting your brand millions of reach and audience on Instagram, Youtube and other social networking platforms, all services are provided with bridging the trust between firm and client through a complete service agreement for manufacturing your brands with a complete official and cinematic interview by host on the show for the episodes named as "Blueberry Ultra Brand Overdrive".

For the charges in each division please connect with the support team available on the operation days.

New project Launched: Blueberry Ultra SRSD (Street Reaction Showdown in Downtown)

New initiative: Blueberry Ultra Magazine

people/organization who connects with Blueberry Ultra: Startups, authors & brands with any product or services.

Soon to launch: First Hybrid Book in India: Publish your own solo book in a way never published before, with the most futuristic looks and design in the world. A mixture of technology and traditional paper, First Hybrid Book in India.

"Blueberry Ultra does not only manufacture brands but also the idea behind that which holds the entire entity of the brand, Thank you! everyone for so much love for us, cheers for 1 Million audiences and #1 trend in brand, google certified" Says Mr Garv Dabas.

Mr Shaurya Chauhan


Editor in Chief


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