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a man in pakistan tortured and burnt alive due to insulting quran, 27 arrested

In a horrifying incident in Pakistan's Swat Valley, a mob brutally tortured and burned a man alive, alleging he had desecrated the Holy Quran. According to ARY News, police have detained 27 suspects, including two brothers, in connection with the incident.

The tragedy unfolded on June 20 in Madyan, a picturesque town in Swat district, located about 340 km from Islamabad. Swat District Police Officer Zahidullah Khan reported that the suspect accused of Quran desecration had been taken to the police station, but an enraged mob stormed the premises, overpowering the police and seizing the suspect.

"The mob set fire to the police station and a police vehicle," DPO Khan recounted, adding that the suspect was then brutally burned alive by the mob.

Videos circulating on social media depict the horrifying scene of a crowd surrounding a burning body in the middle of a street, with many gathered outside the police station.'s correspondent has sought confirmation from the police regarding the authenticity of the footage, Dawn reported.

Responding to the volatile situation, DPO Khan confirmed that a significant police presence had been deployed in Madyan to restore order amid heightened tensions.

Meanwhile, police teams are conducting raids to apprehend more individuals involved in the brutal lynching.

Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal has condemned the incident, urging an end to such acts of "street justice" in the country.


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