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Mr Garv Dabas Founder & CEO of BLUEBERRY ULTRA

BlueberryUltra:India's NO.1 Leading Manufacturer Company

Founder & CEO - Mr Garv Dabas

Garv Dabas is one of the most prominent and known public speaker, influencer, National Gold Rank Holder speaker & Debater awarded by Chief Justice of India, Brand Ambassador of Retrace7pristine, he is a professional Author of philosophy, counsellor for the youth, and coder in python language, vocals are his power weapons to save the virtues with which he was seen on R.Bharat shows, honoured by prestigious celebrities and highly known authority for bringing a new platform for the growth of the newcomers in any industry from Bollywood to publishings. Very foremost he is the Founder and CEO of Blueberry Ultra: India’s No.1 Leading Brand Manufacturer. The company was a start-up with a small concept of individual competitive group ups and now had taken up the lead in entire India with the new techniques and creativity in assembling the generation of new outcomes. The company does not only focus on brand manufacturing/promotion, they do actually are the manufacturer of the ideas for introducing your brand into the show light of the world’s showdown to success for which the company was so much highlighted and is in trend now. The company had made a new revolution in social media marketing too for all to get an opportunity for launching their own brand and let it grow with ideas and talent hidden within. Which somehow helps in triggering up employment with plans and ideas of Blueberry Ultra.

Views of Mr Garv Dabas is that, “Until and unless you are not representing a brand, you are actually paying not for revenue but expenditures, once recognised as a brand you will get what you deserve” with this above-stated clause the motive of blueberry Ultra is pretty clear and that makes the company India's No.1 Leading Brand Manufacturer. Mr. Garv Dabas in an interview with us said about his romantic philosophy, “Blue aroma kissed the argentine ankle bell's melodic silence in midst of misty forests, which let you feel the eternal love”

His other philosophy was revealed from his upcoming futuristic book, where he states “ To tear the fabric of space-time Planck length electric volts are not the only access doorway threshold, consciousness is tied with queenlinessXinfinity also do not only have the robust divine elite soundness, way to but with the vision to the romance with infinity in the sacredness of blue moon, together for queenliness; hypnotizer of infinity” Garv Dabas has a very deep belief that” pure purple pleasure that makes you sentimental is within and you are in search of it out being thee, taking no consideration of what is yours is not you and what are you is not yours”

True Fact:- The literature skills of Mr. Garv Dabas are beyond to be expressed in words as the words and thinking capability had explored the entity that exists which can not be estimated. His literature is coded with a deep meaning to it, which makes it feel divine and lovely. Mothers Name:- Rajni Dabas Fathers Name:- Neeraj Kumar Dabas Hobby: Writing, analysis of the object of theme DOB: 1/4/2004 Marital Status:- single Earning:- (revenue amount not revealed to the public) Born place:- Delhi Currently staying:- Delhi Favorite attire:- Formal Favorite place to visit:- Vrindavan, land of Shyama Shyam Religion:- Hindu Nationality:- Indian Devotion:- Radhavallabh laal, manifested by Shri Harivansh ju Ethnicity:- Hindi Food habits:- Not known Upcoming Book:- Queenliness: Hypnotizer of Infinity

Mr Garv is seen as a new role model for the youth as in such an age he managed to build an enterprise, Blueberry Ultra Co. Taking it to the great heights of a sudden after getting inspired from Gita, spoken by Shri Krishna in the war of Mahabharata, 5000 years ago.

Mr Garv Dabas gives the company a tagline, “Scripting The Brand- Under Blueberry Ultra Brand Overdrive”


At this platform, wellbeing is at the forefront of what they are working together towards. Their programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfil their potential. Learn more about the positive impact they have and join them in bringing about positive change, you can visit their website Here you can get an opportunity to launch yourself as a Brand Ambassador of your Own brand, getting known in the eyes of celebrities, producers, directors & musicians. You can promote your brand launching from highly classified know celebrities and along with can get the ideal mind to manufacture the growth of the brand. Interviews of Authors, Artists, Philosophers, Special Guests, Celebrities from all around India is one of the essential parts of spreading knowingness along with their idea to be revolved around the world. One of the only companies in India which can transform all your hard work into success in just a few seconds. There is a big difference between hard work and smart work, that difference is covered by the company. Blueberry ultra will too launch your talent as a brand in front of the world which can help your talent to get recognition across the globe without much effort.

Blueberry is working in 20+ states, with 90+ sales and staff, and thousands of Happy Clients.

Members Details President: Ms. Priya CEO: Garv Dabas Board of Director:- Mr Yash Kant Co-Founder:- Mr Shaurya Vise President:- Mr. Shyam


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